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Masters Of Amateurism : Hot Photography from Premsela, The Netherlands Inst. on Vimeo.

And this is the result of the interview taken by Premsela.

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Coverstory in HoopDoop Magazine!
Since we started Tintype Studio, we have been interviewed about our work a few times, especially on making tintypes. The ‘Premsela Foundation’ arrived with a camera crew in our studio after our lecture about Tintype Studio @ FOAM. A few weeks later, ‘HoopDoop’ Magazine’s editor in chief, contacted us for an interview AND a fashion shoot on tintypes… We have to give credit to the model, who actually had to hold each pose for more than 6 seconds as we use continuous light…

(Go to HoopDoop magazine to read the interview)



The masked model checking out the tintypes while rinsing in water…



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“Bart ” black aluminum tintype

“Erik” black aluminum tintype

December 13th 2011
Our lucky day, the Hot Photography evening in FOAM resulted also in a small interview. Today, Bart and Erik came to our studio.  After they shot their ‘thing’, we shot back! (again a moviemaker…)
To explain our fascination in English was a bit harder then expected, but it was fun!

Will let you know when the interview is online!

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December 2nd 2011
Premsela (Institute for Fashion & Design) invited us to speak at a lecture ‘Hot Photography’  to talk about the Tintype Studio. It’s one out of a series ‘Masters of Amateurism’
It was located in FOAM, during the expo ‘What’s Next’ (what a nice coincidence) Because there wasn’t the space nor possibility to build the live set-up over there, we had a nice video made… We hope that the passion we have for this type of image-making was noticed!

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