Tintype Studio

“Ron” tintype 18 cm x 14 cm
We, as collodionistic freaks, have (secret) gatherings. Fotografica Fair in Nieuwegein is one of these moments where we meet our fellow lens hunters, collectors and other interesting people (not so secret). Last March we did some demo’s with Alex Timmermans. For that we used Alex’ Dallmeyer 3A to ‘shoot’ some visitors (which were not so many, as it was a perfect Saturday for the first BBQ of the year). This is one of our favorites plates that day. I love the way this plate appears simple & clean but still friendly and soft with a bokeh that makes me drool.

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Tintype Studio

“Hanna” tintype 13 cm x 18 cm
For the greater good we sometimes put a The Tintype Studio shoot on auction. This time the auction was for an organization called Get It Done, an online crowdfunding platform for small human-needs development projects all over the world. Check out their projects at
Hanna Verboom won our lot this time.  (We were polite enough not to ask at what bid…)
This is one of the plates we shot that day! Thanks, Hanna and family, for a lovely day with some extraordinary results!

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This guy makes awesome pics. A true lomographer. This is him with some nice old gear.

Tintype Studio

“OM2″ tintype 13 cm x 18 cm

Tintype Studio

“Zorky10″ tintype 13 cm x 18 cm

Tintype Studio

“Hasselblad 500CM” tintype 13 cm x 18 cm


13.11.22 tin type to the max_OM2n_013


13.11.22 tin type to the max_OM2n_018



and some pics he shot back…. [shot with Olympus OM2 with unexpired superia 1600]




“Arjen” tintype 13 cm x 18 cm

and his VERY first wet plate of Arjen …



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Tintype Studio

“Erik” tintype 13 cm x 18 cm

A ‘quicky’, after a long day of shooting digital, is so rewarding if the result is a plate like this one!

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“Bert” tintype 13 cm x 18 cm

Bert has a beautiful collection of old Civil War tintypes, and tintype family books and a lot of enthousiasm when he discovered people are still shooting with this old fashioned process.
So, of course we made a plate of him!

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Ingredients: 4 awesome people, a handfull of Aunt & Uncles, some food & beverages and a rainy Sunday afternoon. And all for Marc’s Grandma! Happy B-day to her.
The frames are an experiment. It took me quite some layers of paint to get it colored like this without losing the nice wood structure.
And the dimensions still need some finetuning to get it totally how we would like it next time. But not bad at all, for a first try!

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Tintype Studio

“Floris” tintype 9 cm x 12 cm


Tintype Studio

“Rik Engelgeer” tintype 13 cm x 18 cm


Tintype Studio

“Met rood petje” tintype 13 cm x 18 cm

Tintype Studio

“Zonder rood petje” Brown glass ambrotype 18 cm x 24 cm


Tintype Studio


“Peter Paul” tintype 18 cm x 24 cm


Some of the plates we shot at UNSEEN photo fair 2013.

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This was Tintype Studio in full glory. (is that a proper English way to say that we were ‘at our best’?)
Four days of ethousiastic visitors consuming the lovely sight of seeing a plate appear in fixer.  Sometimes even a soft choir of oh’s and ah’s was heared. Made me smile, and work even harder. For the first time we actually felt appreciated for our craftmanship, not only for the results.
Our collaboration with Alex Timmermans was a perfect fit. And where our passion and the photography-loving visitors met, the actual fun in creating and sharing was felt deeply.
Thank you Alex, thank you visitors and thank you UNSEEN for anchoring this great an unexpected experience within.



_ATI8901 kopie

Nothing better than the smell of ether in the morning…


tintype 9 cm x 12 cm

_ATI8908 kopie

Alex handling Roys XL plate before fixer

_ATI8915 kopie

Roy filming his own portrait in fixer.


Manon prefers the smell of varnish over ether… By the way this is a lovely ambrotype we made of Jo Fraser


Manons temporarily spot for varnishing without wind. Although she loves pizza, this time it’s the perfect delivery box for an XL plate

_ATI8926 kopie

The result of a beautiful ‘sitter’ a very skilled Collodionist (Alex) with good chemistry and a well varnishing job.


Tintype 13 cm x 18 cm in delivery box.


Although proud, it’s always hard o say goodbye to something you love.


Wrapping freshly varnished portraits at night


Visitors before opening time


Another tintype 13 cm x 18 cm

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Tintype Studio

“Mieke” tintype 13 cm x 18 cm

Just an intense plate of an intense person.

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promotional visual UNSEEN amsterdam 2013.

Tintype Studio x Alex Timmermans


“Specially for UNSEEN we will collaborate with Alex Timmermans, a great collodionist who has mastered this technique as no other.  For 4 days they we’ll join our skills and different angles on wet plate photography.”
What that means… we don’t know yet, but we ‘re gonna have a lot of fun! Hope the weather will be kind for us.

We’re in the UNSEEN festival program, so that means no entrance tickets are needed for where we are located at Westergas. (in front of the Espresso Fabriek)

When? September 26 – 27- 28- 29 from 12.00 – 22.00 (29th from 12.00 -17.00)

Fair & Festival Site

Klönneplein 1
1014 DD Amsterdam
The Netherlands

For more info you can always check:





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